We understand there may be situations when you want to close your Color account. As a CLIA licensed and CAP accredited laboratory, we’re required to preserve your data to comply with laws and regulations. So while we can’t completely delete your account, we’ve done our best to create a robust deactivation experience. Here's what happens when your account is deactivated: 

  • Your login and account access will be terminated.
  • You will not receive any Color services going forward (for example, any results that have not yet been reported, or any updates or changes to your results).
  • Your personal data will be deleted (unless we are required to keep it to comply with law, rule, regulation, or applicable accreditation standards).
  • Your de-identified data will be securely retained and usable by Color as set forth in the Informed Consent you signed.
  • If your sample had been stored, it will be destroyed. 
  • If you had previously opted into third-party research, you will be opted out.
  • If you previously opted into Color Data, your information will not be made available in future publications of Color Data.

If you'd like to deactivate your account, please send us a message.

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