When you create a Color Provider Platform account, you are automatically added to an Institution, which represents the location and group of providers you work with. View and edit your institution information by visiting color.com/providers/institution. Within your Institution settings page, you can do the following:

Share your orders and results

You can optionally share the details of your orders and results with other members of your Institution. You can turn this functionality on/off by clicking “Edit” on the top right of the Institution Info section. By default, your orders are not shared with anyone else in your institution.

Add colleagues

Invite members to your Institution to help streamline your workflows. When you invite a provider, you receive the following benefits:

  • Providers who are eligible to be ordering physicians (e.g. MDs) are automatically added to a dropdown for future orders

  • If you turn on “Shared orders and results”, anyone at your Institution will be able to see orders and results through the Color Provider Platform account

Having issues?
Please contact Color support for any of the following issues:

  • You are listed in the incorrect Institution

  • You need to remove a member of your institution

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