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I have received my saliva kit for DNA testing, what do I do now?
I have received my saliva kit for DNA testing, what do I do now?
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Follow the instructions in the clear plastic box to provide a saliva sample. You can also watch the video below.

When collecting your saliva sample, remember:

  1. NO eating, drinking (even water), smoking, or chewing gum for 30 minutes before providing your saliva sample. Tip 💡Keep this kit by your bedside so you can provide your sample as soon as you wake up!

  2. DO NOT remove the plastic film from the funnel lid. When you close the funnel lid, liquid will flow into the tube and mix with your saliva.

  3. It may take several minutes to provide the amount of saliva needed to test your DNA. Tip 💡Gently rub the outside of your cheeks before spitting. This helps produce the cheek cells needed to test your DNA. You can also think of candy or lemons to get things going.

  4. Return your sample within 1-3 days. Seal everything in the prepaid box. Drop the kit at the post office or a U.S. Postal Service mailbox.

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You can also watch this video in Spanish:

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