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1: Activate your kit online at color.com/covid/activate.

You need your unique barcode, which you’ll find on your collection tube.

Warning: Your sample will not be tested if the kit is not activated.


2: Before collecting your sample, wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds and dry them well.

3: Remove the cap of the collection tube.

Keep the cap and collection tube nearby.


4: Open the swab package.

Starting from the handle end of the swab package, peel open the paper backing. Pull swab out of its packaging by the handle.

Note: Do not touch the soft tip with your hands or lay it down on any surface.


5: Rotate swab tip in first nostril, 4 times.

Insert the soft tip into one nostril, until it is no longer visible. Using medium pressure against the inside of your nostril the whole time, rub the swab in a large circular motion at least 4 times.

Note: Swab should not go further than ½ inch.


6: Rotate swab tip in other nostril, 4 times.

Repeat the previous step in the second nostril, using the same end of the swab.

Note: You will use the same swab for both nostrils.


7: Put swab into the collection tube.

The soft tip of the swab that went into your nose should go into the tube first.


8: After putting the swab in the collection tube, make sure that the cap of the collection tube is tightly shut by pressing it down firmly.

Note: After closing the collection tube, wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds and dry them well.


9: Put collection tube into the biohazard bag.

Close the bag with the adhesive seal.


10: Follow instructions specific to your institution/organization to return your sample the same day you collect it.

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