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How should I prepare for my screening?
How should I prepare for my screening?
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Before you begin your screening, you will want to make sure you are hydrated, which will make your blood sample collection easier.

You’ll need about 20 minutes total to activate your kit and complete your health screening, and an additional 30 minutes to allow your blood sample to dry. You can watch the videos below to see how to collect your blood sample and take your blood pressure reading once you receive your kit:

You must return your kit by mail within 24 hours after activating your kit and collecting your sample. Otherwise, your test will not be accepted at the lab. Make sure you know where to find your nearest mailbox.

Previously, completing this test required 8 hours of fasting. We have removed this requirement and you no longer need to fast before collecting your sample. We made this change based on current guidelines from the American College of Cardiology that state that a non-fasting lipid panel is appropriate for most patients. In the rare instance that you may need to have a fasting lipid panel done, your clinician will discuss it with you during your consultation.

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