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Testing program

A testing program may be sponsored by your school, employer, or other organization. You will need an account and must meet program requirements to take a test.

You’ll need an email or ID

To verify eligibility, you’ll need an email or ID that’s associated with the testing program. This can be an employee or student ID number or a code provided by the program sponsor..

If you’re not sure what email or ID you should use, contact your program sponsor.

Community site

A community site may be a local library, church, community center, pharmacy, event, or retail store. You won’t need a Color account to take a test at a community site.

You’ll need to register for a test and activate your test kit

If you are asked to verify eligibility with an email or ID, follow these steps:

  1. Go to color.com/register

  2. Find your test site

  3. Register and activate your test kit

If you still have questions, contact us at mycovidtest@color.com.

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