What will be discussed in the consultation?

You will have the opportunity to talk with a clinician about birth control or smoking cessation options.

  • For birth control consultations, the clinician will ask you questions about your medical history, blood pressure, and preference for birth control. They’ll work with you to find the safest and most effective option.

  • For smoking cessation consultations, the clinician will ask about your medical history, smoking habits, and what interventions have been successful in the past. If a medication to help you quit smoking is right for you, they’ll discuss how to start the medication, any side effects, and guidance for follow-up.

How will I receive my medication, if one is prescribed?

If a medication is prescribed, your clinician will send the prescription directly to a pharmacy of your choice.

Will I have to pay for the consultation or prescribed medication?

The clinical consultation is made available at no cost to you. If you are prescribed medication, you will be responsible for any costs that may be associated with the medication.

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