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If my clinician prescribes a medication, how will I receive it?
If my clinician prescribes a medication, how will I receive it?
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If the option is available, you may choose home delivery through our pharmacy partner WellDyne (at no cost to you), or pharmacy pickup from your preferred pharmacy (dependent on supply). We recommend that you confirm with your preferred pharmacy that they have Paxlovid in stock as well as hours of operation prior to requesting an antiviral treatment consultation. This will ensure your consultation and prescription both get completed in a timely manner.

If you choose home delivery, prescriptions received before 5 PM EST Monday through Friday will be sent via next-day air. If you are requesting a consultation on Saturday or Sunday, you may want to consider pharmacy pickup instead. You'll be able to discuss pharmacy options with your clinician and may change your choice based on their guidance.

If there is no option to provide pharmacy information when you scheduled your consultation, you’ll be able to select your preferred pharmacy for pickup during your consultation.

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