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How do I collect my urine sample for my at-home HPV test?
How do I collect my urine sample for my at-home HPV test?
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You can watch a video about how to collect your sample.

1. Fill out your information at

The lab cannot process your sample without this step!

2. Wash your hands.

3. Get all the pieces of the kit and place them in front of you. Read all of the instructions so you know what to expect.

4. Remove the funnel and collection tube from their plastic bag.

5. Unscrew the collection tube cap. Keep the cap nearby.

Note: There is liquid in the tube. Be careful not to spill it.

6. Push the bottom of the funnel into the top of the collection tube until it is snug.

7. Hold the funnel against your body with the spout facing forward.

Note: Choose a comfortable position at the toilet, as shown, to make

sure that the other end of the funnel is inside the toilet bowl. The device

will collect a small amount of urine, and then extra urine will come out

of the end of the funnel and go into the toilet.

Start peeing into the funnel.

Continue peeing until finished.

8. Carefully remove the funnel from the collection tube.

Note: Throw away the funnel when you are done.

9. Screw on the collection tube cap. Make sure that the tube is tightly closed.

10. Put the collection tube in the biohazard bag. Seal the bag.

Note: The tube should go inside the rigid plastic insert in the biohazard bag.

11. Put the biohazard bag in the return shipping bag. Seal the bag.

13. Drop your sample at a USPS mailbox or post office.

Note: Samples should be put in a mailbox mailed to the laboratory within 24 hours of collection.

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