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This document describes the scope of services for Color Diagnostics Laboratory.

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Color Diagnostics is located at 863 Mitten Road, Burlingame, CA 94010

Color Diagnostics is CLIA certified, CAP accredited, and holds additional state licensure.

CAP 8975161

CLIA 05D2081492

California CLF 00346276

Maryland 2376

New York PFI 9069

Pennsylvania 034727

Rhode Island LCO00970

The hours of operation for Color Diagnostics are Monday- Friday, 6 AM- 5 PM

Tests offered


Specimen Type

Specimen Container

Specimen Collection Instructions

Sample Stability and Shipping

HPV Test

5 d



Room Temperature, 7 days

Genetic Tests

  • Hereditary Cancer Risk Test

  • Color Extended (29 cancer, 30 heart, 14 medication response)

  • Color Standard (7 cancer, 3 heart, 14 medication response)

4 wk

Saliva, Blood


Oragene 510 Saliva Collection kit


K2 EDTA, lavender top


Refer to manufacturer’s recommendations for collection of venous blood into K2 EDTA tube with a licensed or approved individual. No centrifugation is necessary.


Room Temperature or Refrigerated, 12 months.


Room Temperature, 7 days.

Refrigerated or Frozen, 6 months.

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