How do I get my patient testing through the Family Testing Program?

How do I get my patient testing through the Family Testing Program?

If an individual has a mutation, there is a 50% chance that each of their first-degree relatives also has the same mutation. Color and the BRCA Foundation are offering genetic testing to parents, siblings, and adult children of people with mutations for just $50, rather than the normal price. BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutation carriers also have the option of enrolling in the BRCA Registry. 

Requirements to participate in the Family Testing Program:

  •      -- Your patient must have a first-degree relative (parent, full sibling, or child) with a mutation (i.e., your patient is at 50% risk)
  •      -- Your patient’s known family mutation must be:
    •           -- In a gene on the Color test
    •           -- Within the Color test reportable range
    •           -- Determined by Color to be a pathogenic or likely pathogenic mutation
    •           -- Identified by a clinical-grade lab (no research results accepted)
  •      -- You must provide a copy of the laboratory report indicating your patient’s known family mutation with your order. We do not accept other forms of documentation, such as clinical notes or verbal reports.

Please note: At all times, Color reserves the right to review your compliance with the requirements above, and may choose to deny testing through the Family Testing Program at its reasonable discretion. It is the ordering provider's responsibility to provide all documentation necessary in order to ensure that the known family mutation meets the requirements above.

 There are two ways your patients who meet the requirements above can receive the Color Test for $50 through the Family Testing Program:

1. You can place your order as usual, either by fax or online. Select "My patient will provide payment information at home" on the order form. Instruct your patient to visit They'll be asked to fill out a few questions and to upload a copy of the report, so they may ask for your help in obtaining a copy. Color will review the application to determine if the requirements above are met. If approved, the patient receives an email with a promo code that he or she can use to pay for the test. Note that the patient will be responsible for providing a credit card for the reduced $50 fee, plus shipping and handling.

2. If the patient is unable to submit his or her own application, you can call your local clinical field specialist or contact Color Support at 844-362-6567 for instructions to receive the reduced price for your patient. You'll need to collect a credit card number for the patient for the remaining amount, and enter that as well as the promo code on the order form when you submit it either by fax or online.

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