How should I prepare for my results?

Watch this video for more detailed information about the benefits and limitations of Color’s Hereditary Cancer and Hereditary Heart Health Tests. You can also read the content shown in this video. 

  • About the benefits and limitations of Color’s Medication Response Genetic Test:

    Always talk to your doctor before making any changes to your medications.

    • Changing medications or dosing on your own could be harmful to your health.

    You’ll learn how your genetics may influence your response to specific medications.

    • Your results will not tell you definitively if a specific medication will not work for you or cause you to experience side effects.

    That’s because other factors beyond genetics also influence your response to medications.

    • When prescribing your medications, your doctor can consider genetic information and non-genetic factors like health history, body weight, and other medications you take that also play a role in how your body processes medications.
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