What does each possible order status mean?

What does each possible order status mean?

Awaiting verification

  • Your order will be placed once we have verified the associated providers. This process may take up to a few days after submitting the order. A provider will only need to be verified the first time they order Color.

Order placed

  • We have received your order and your patient has been sent an email with next steps for completing the Color test. 

Pending patient action

  • We are awaiting the patient to pay for the Color test or provide their informed consent by creating an online Color account. 

Patient purchased

  • Your patient has used the requisition number to purchase their Color test and we have sent a saliva collection kit to the address they provided.

Processing sample

  • We have received your patient’s sample at the lab and it is in process.

New sample needed

  • We were unable to process your patient’s sample at the lab. Your patient has been notified and a new Color Test has been sent to them.

Released to provider

  • Results are available for you to view via your Color Provider Platform account.
  • Your patient is not yet able to view their results. They will be notified that their results are ready to be viewed for the release time you specified when placing the order.

Released to patient

  • Results are available for the patient to view via their secure online account on our HIPAA-compliant website, color.com. Your patient has not yet viewed their results online.

Viewed by patient

  • Your patient has viewed their results via their secure online account on our HIPAA-compliant website, color.com.

Updated results

  • Your patient’s results have been updated. A new version of the results is available for you and your patient to view.

Test canceled

  • Either you or your patient has requested that this order be canceled. Please contact providers@color.com or call us toll-free Monday through Friday between 9am and 8pm Eastern Time at (844) 352-6567 in the US. Those outside the US can reach us at +1 650-651-7130.
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