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How do I return my saliva sample to Color from outside the US?
How do I return my saliva sample to Color from outside the US?
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After you have provided a saliva sample, please follow these instructions for sending your sample back to Color so that we can start on your results.

1.  Activate your kit at first

  • It is absolutely necessary that you activate your kit, or we will not be able to analyze your sample. You will need information from your tube.

2. Place your tightly closed tube into the plastic “Bio-hazard” bag, then seal the bag.

  • This can be found in the clear plastic clamshell your tube arrived in.

3. Place the plastic bag back into the cardboard box and seal it.

  • No need to include the clear plastic clamshell in the box.

4. Place the box into the provided DHL bag and seal it.

  • Please do not remove the documentation provided in the plastic sleeve. This could cause a delay in or failure of your sample getting back to Color.

5. Return shipping has been paid for via DHL Express.

  • Drop the DHL bag at your nearest DHL location (    - OR - Schedule a home pick-up by calling DHL Express customer service (see reverse page). Info you may be asked for:

            - Account # and country: 969598727 in United States
            - Destination: USA, postal code 94010
            - Contents: Saliva collection kit, exempt human specimen
            - Weight and value: 1 lb/kg, $12 (no value protection needed)

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