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What kinds of results can I expect from a genetic test?
What kinds of results can I expect from a genetic test?
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With health-related genetic tests, results are usually categorized as positive or negative. Positive means a mutation was identified, and negative means no mutations were identified in the genes analyzed.

Statistically speaking, it’s most likely your results will be negative. Mutations in genes on most health-related genetic tests are rare, so most people receive negative results. 

If you have a personal or family history of a particular disorder or condition, like cancer or heart disease, that might increase the chances of testing positive for a genetic mutation, knowing if there’s a genetic basis for the condition may help you and your doctor create a personalized screening and management plan tailored to your risks. 

Even though most people have negative results, we all still have a risk to develop diseases in the future based on non-genetic factors like age, lifestyle and more. No matter what, you’ll receive useful information to discuss with your provider and relatives.

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