What is happening with my sample?

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First, scientists extract the DNA from the cells in your blood or saliva.

Then a special tag is added to your DNA so it doesn’t get mixed up with others.

Your DNA then gets a spa treatment with enzymes and chemicals so many copies can be generated.

The copies then get fed into a machine, which gives us a data file with your DNA code that looks a lot like your cat walked over your keyboard.

Next, scientists compare your DNA code to the codes of many other people, to identify where and how yours may differ.

When scientists identify a difference in your DNA - called a variant - they use credible criteria to determine if that variant may actually affect your chance to develop a certain disease.

A report is generated that can help you and your doctors understand how your DNA may impact your health and the next steps to take.

Finally, we offer a complimentary telephone appointment with a genetic counselor to help answer any questions you may have.

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