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How can genetic testing help me get the right medicine?

Jeans aren’t one size fits all. And neither are your prescription medicines. Each person responds uniquely to medicines.

Some people may take a medicine and experience side effects; while others may not experience the intended benefit of the medicine at all.

In fact, you may need to try several medicines or different doses before finding one that works best for your body and condition.

Factors that affect your response to medicine include: height, weight, diet, allergies, other medicines, … and your DNA.

Today, scientists have identified over 200 medicines, like those used for heart health, cancer, depression, and infections, that are affected by an individual's DNA.

This science called pharmacogenomics identifies DNA factors that may affect your response to different types of medicines.

Your DNA results may help your medical providers prescribe a more effective medicine that has fewer side effects, or choose a dose that works better for you.

Even if you are not taking any medicines now, these results are still valuable and can be used by your medical providers to avoid side effects and provide personalized care when you need it.

Therefore, it’s important to share your results with your medical providers.

Genetic counselors and pharmacists may also be able to advise. In the meantime, continue to take any medicines as directed by your provider.

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