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How do I share my genetic test results with family members?
How do I share my genetic test results with family members?

Transcript of the "How do I share my genetic test results with family members?" video

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First, you will want to choose the best communication method for each family member. Some prefer a written email or text message, others prefer a phone call or in-person conversation.

Start the discussion with something simple. From there, you can ask if they are ready to learn more now, or when would be a good time.

It may help to point out the benefits, like how the results can help increase screening coverage or prevent disease.

Those that are parents may be motivated by how this information helps their children.

Next, you’ll want to respect each family member’s response and their privacy. Some relatives may meet this information with open arms. Others may be confused, weary, or defensive.

You can always gently revisit the conversation at a later time.

Finally, some of your relatives may consider their own genetic testing.

They can do so through a program like Color’s Family Testing Program, or a genetic counselor, who can help them understand if and when testing may be right for them.

While sharing your results with your relatives, you may also learn more about your family’s health history that could further your understanding of your personal health risks.

It is important to tell your health care providers about any new health history in case it impacts your care.

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